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In an attempt to stimulate action towards preservation of Chilika Lake and celebration of World Environment Day, *FICCI FLO Bhubaneswar in collaboration with Odisha Eco Tourism Foundation would distribute dustbins to Satapada Boat Association*and Satapada Commercial shops. These dustbins would be placed in the boats that take tourists into the Chilika for a boat ride and the nearby shops. Tourists throw plastic bottles/glasses, paper, cans and other non-biodegradable garbage into the lake which not only destroy the identity of Chilika but also is a threat to its marine life. *Now tourists would throw the waste into these bins kept in the boats which would be collected by Odisha Eco Tourism Foundation for further treatment of the garbage. Please share your names who all want to travel to Satapada on 6th June for being a part of this cause and for a better tomorrow.


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Satapada Boating Association

Brahmagiri Road
Satapada, Odisha, India

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