About Us

FICCI FLO Kanpur Chapter is among the 19 chapters of FLO, an acronym for the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Ladies Organization. FLO, established in 1983, has been steadfastly working towards the economic empowerment of women in India.

KANPUR, renowned as the largest industrial city in Uttar Pradesh, harbors a dynamic FLO chapter that has been steadily gaining momentum since its inception in 2015. Under the capable leadership of esteemed veterans, namely Mrs. Archana Khaitan, Dr. Anuradha Varshney, Dr. Aarti Gupta, Ms. Kanika Vaid, Ms. Pooja Gupta, and the incumbent 9th chairperson, Ms. Sneha Gupta, the chapter has made remarkable progress. On its ninth anniversary, the chapter's undeniable growth and membership count of 400 members bear testimony to its phenomenal strides in empowering countless women. FLO Kanpur comprises over 400 members, including women entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, directors, partners, board members, and aspiring entrepreneurs. The organization provides its members with a platform to network, learn, and grow both professionally and socially. Additionally, FLO Kanpur actively contributes to the welfare of women and their families by supporting diverse social causes and initiatives. To accomplish this, we have devised an array of events and workshops that offer abundant opportunities for women to enhance their skills, showcase their talents, and forge valuable connections. These programs cater not only to our members but also extend to young girls in colleges and women at the grassroots level.

Our ultimate aim is to cultivate a strong network of women who mutually support one another and collectively strive for excellence and empowerment. We firmly believe that empowering women is a collective effort rather than an individual endeavor. FLO Kanpur remains resolute in fostering and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit among women.